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Are you looking to buy a new portable external hard drive? We have the best deals for you on external hard drive with  with  complete relevant information and products, so that you get the exact portable external storage need that you want. 

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Any Investment you make is a giving away a bite of your hard earned money, hence buying best External Hard Drive is no different. Do your proper research to be sure you the correct, best external hard drive that meets your needs. 

External Hard Drive lasts for years. Although, it is assumed that external hard drive with no physical damage lasts about 5 years, hard disks can easily last for decades and more. Hence it will be a one time investment for years, yet a precious one as you will  store most precious data in your drive. 


To Began With

There are majorly 3 types of External Hard Drive

2.5 Inch External Hard Drive

2.5 Inch External Hard Drive

2.5 Inch External Hard Drive are the best type of portable hard drive. Because of their small size, it is light weight to carry but also might mean (relatively of course ) lesser storage space, lesser RPM and lesser cache memory and lesser read write speed. It’s the most popular external hard drive and low cost aswell.

3.5 Inch External Hard Drive

3.5 Inch External Hard Drive

3.5 Inch External Hard Drive sometimes also known as Desktop External Hard Drive are bigger and bulkier in size and are not meant to be external portable, even though they are portable. They are more of a external storage setup for a work space  and have high read write speed, large storage capacity, faster RPM. 

External Hard Drive SSD

SSD External Hard Drive

SSD External Drive refers to the Solid State External Drive, which is an entirely new technology. While traditional hard drive use a rotating disk to store data this has no moving parts, hence the name. The need to have no moving parts makes it’s size much smaller and compact and faster but also expensive.

You Also Need To Consider

The Features of External Hard Drive

We also need to be well vised about the features an external hard drive has so that we can choose the perfect and reliable external storage for us based o the features the hard drives has. 

Storage Size

The primary use of external hard drive is to store data , hence the storage capability is the first and foremost important feature for a Hard Drive. And as technology evolves bigger and bigger storage size gets available. As big as 19TB external Hard Drives are available now

Physical Size

Even thought the physical size of an external hard drive is just for the cosmetic reason and has no value for it's performance, however if you want your external hard drive to be portable you need to consider it's physical size. If you are a frequent traveler, you don't want your hard drive to be a hassle in your luggage. If you like a clean working setup, it shouldn't be a desk cluster.

Data Read Write

Data Transmission Rate of the external hard drive Determines the overall performance of the hard drive. The read write speed of an external hard drive will vary according to the manufacturer. You will always want to have a hard drive with faster read write speed.


External Hard Drive need to connect with an device , like your phone or computer to transmit data to and fro. Different hard drive will have different one or more type of connectors. Wireless or Wirred. In wired too , USB Type A, USB Type B, USB 3.0, USB, 2.0, Thunderbolt.


You will connect the external hard drive to your device to transfer data to and from it. Depending upon the necessity you might be connecting your external hard drive with lots of devices, to your TV, to your Computer, to your phone, table, Macbook, etc. But the hard drive may or may not be compatible with the devices. We need to be sure the external hard drives are compatible with the devices we will be working with.

Physical Build

The housing or the body of the hard drive comes in varieties. And although, it will not effect on the real performance of the hard drive it can affect the durability. If you are a frequent traveler you may want hard drive with a rubber body that will protect it from the drops and keep it water and dust proof.

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